Genealogical Numbering Systems

I haven’t used reports much and need some recommendations.

While populating some test Trees, I decided to use various Genealogical Numbering Systems as the Gramps IDs. But I find some of the systems very convoluted.

NGSQ (for descendants) seemed fairly straightforward but has the worriesome assumption that all descendants are known.

I’m finding the direct ancestors numbering system of Ahnentafel (aka Eytzinger, Sosa or Sosa Stradonitz) a bit difficult to manually generate.

Which Gramps reports generate & display an ID following any of the standardized numbering systems?

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The detailed ancestral report and the hourglass graph have an option to display Ahnentafel numbering.

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Here’s Wikipedia’s description of the various numbering schemes


Cool. That helped make human readable generic Ahnentafel Test Tree branches. They’re now built for ‘Self’ & ‘Spouse’ through 3rd-great grandparents. And 3 generation branches in NGSQ style segments for direct offSpring & a Paternal Uncle. Making the Maternal Aunt variant next. Then on to the blended family (step-parent with step-sibs & half-sibs)

I figure the branches can be imported repeatedly and linked in at different levels plus a “Calculate Estimated Dates…” step to make a tree that can be used to experiment with Filters & Charting.

I’ve replaced all individual IDs of my Sosas, their descendants and any collaterals by a french guy system: Beruck numbering.

It’s quite simple and efficient:

  • ascendant number don’t change from sosa : 1, 2-3, 4-5 & 6-7, …
  • descendants takes father’s ID and their firstname initial (upcase for men, lowcase for women) :
    • 2A is a son of 2 which have a A as fisrtname initial
    • 2m is her daughter, she is m something (Mary)
    • 2m2 is her second daughter witch have too m as firstname initial (maybe Marianne)
  • spouses ID is their spouse ID follwed by & and their firstname initial:
    • 2A&v v is a woman (lowercase) spouse of 2A
    • 2A&v&E E is another spouse of v from a previous or a following wedding
    • 2Aa is a male children of 2A
    • 2a&vb is a female chidren of v from another spouse than A
  • parents ID of collaterals are Sosa again:
    • 2A&v-2 is the father of v,
    • 2A&v-3 her mother

It gives that:

5-2. Legoux, Auguste Jules (Bk00032) (n. 1822-01-14 - Le Mesnil-sur-l’Estrée, Eure, France, d. 1897-02-13 - Saint-Pierre-des-Loges, Orne, France)
ép. Desmoulins, Alphonsine Désirée (Bk00033) (n. 1829-06-26 - Saint-Pierre-des-Loges, Orne, France, d. 1883-08-13 - Saint-Pierre-des-Loges, Orne, France) (F00042)

  • 6-1. Legoux, Pierre Paul Léonore (Bk00016) (n. 1855-06-29 - Saint-Pierre-des-Loges, Orne, France, d. 1917-06-08 - Noisy-le-Sec, Seine, France)
    ép. Guerrée, Alphonsine Joséphine (Bk00017) (n. 1856-05-21 - L’Aigle, Orne, France, d. 1915-02-25 - Hôpital Saint-Antoine, 184, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 12ème
    arrondissement de Paris, Paris, Seine, France) (F00038)
    • 7-1. Legoux, Jules Louis (Bk00016J) (n. 1880-01-16 - Échauffour, Orne, France, d. 1975-11-20 - Marly-la-Ville, Val-d’Oise, Région parisienne, France, Union européenne)
      ép. Pauchet, Jeanne Henriette (Bk00016J&j) (n. 1885-07-23 - Outreau, Pas-de-Calais, France) (F00632)
    • 7-2. Legoux, Albert Esther (Bk00016A) (n. 1881-03-02 - Échauffour, Orne, France, d. entre 1945-01-05 et 1959-06-24)
      • ép. Paxent, Emilienne Louise (Bk00016A&e) (n. 1884-05-07 - Alençon, Orne, France, d. avant 1936-07-10) (F01786)
        • 8-1. Legoux, Albertine Marie (Bk00016Aa) (n. 1903-01-08 - 16, Rue de Sarthe, Alençon, Orne, France)
          ép. Wack, Marie Gabriel Lucien (Bk00016Aa&M) (F02035)
        • 8-2. Legoux, Gaston Adrien (Bk00016AG) (n. 1905-02-08 - 183, Avenue du Maine, 14ème arrondissement de Paris, Paris, Seine, France, d. 1943-10-01 - La Serra di
          Pigno, Bastia, ?)
          ép. Deviaz, Neigette Léa Camillia (Bk00016AG&n) (n. 1909-03-11 - Foucaucourt-sur-Thabas, Meuse, France, d. 2005-08-22 - 2, Boulevard Lamartine, La
          Ciotat, Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France, Union européenne) (F01875)
      • ép. Dolizy, Reine Marie Adolphine (Bk00016A&r) (n. 1898-06-24 - Bar-le-Duc, Meuse, France, d. 1936-07-10) (F01472)
        • 8-3. Legoux, Marcel André (Bk00016AM) (n. 1918-07-29 - Seuil-d’Argonne, Meuse, France, d. 1984-08-12 - Chartres, Eure-et-Loir, Centre-Val de Loire, France, Union
          ép. Zamfiresco, Hélène (Bk00016AM&h) (F02037)
        • 8-4. Legoux, Raymonde (Bk00016Ar) (n. 1919-11-11 - Seuil-d’Argonne, Meuse, France, d. 1972-02-08 - 7, Boulevard Victor Hugo, Limoges, Haute-Vienne, ?, France,
          Union européenne)
          ép. Marchal, Lucien (Bk00016Ar&L) (F02125)
        • 8-5. Legoux, Glacette Albertine Charlotte (Bk00016Ag) (n. 1925-01-03 - Fleury-devant-Douaumont, Meuse, France, d. 2008-10-30 - 2, Place Jean Bérain, SaintMihiel, Meuse, Lorraine, France, Union européenne)
          ép. Jeannot, Aimé Marie Alfred (Bk00016Ag&A) (d. avant 2008-10-30) (F01935)
      • ép. Dolizy, Juliette (Bk00016A&j) (n. 1914-08-02 - Vaubecourt, Meuse, France, d. 1986-03-13 - Place Saint-Nicolas, Verdun, Meuse, Lorraine, France, Union européenne)
        • 8-6. Legoux, Gérard (Bk00016AG2) (n. 1941-01-20 - Verdun, Meuse, France)
    • 7-3. Legoux, Louis Adrien (Bk00008) (n. 1885-09-05 - Échauffour, Orne, France, d. 1955-11-24 - 182, Rue de Brément, Noisy-le-Sec, Seine, France)
      ép. André, Ernestine Louise (Bk00009) (n. 1878-06-15 - 6, Rue du poirier, 18ème Arrondissement de Paris, Paris, Seine, France, d. 1966-09-23 - Le Cèdre Bleu, 5, Rue
      d’Avron, Gagny, Seine-et-Oise, Région parisienne, France, Union européenne) (F00014)

One of 16A spouses, 16A&r looks like this in her ascendants wheel with IDs:

In Person view I can easily filter:

Interesting system.

However, any system that keys off a person’s name seems a bit volatile.

Names change, multiple offspring may share an initial (as you noted), and it doesn’t hint at birth order at all.

The gender indicator was nice. (Was there a typo in the 2nd spouse example:

Wouldn’t the 2nd spouse also be lower case? (Unless the husband switch sexual orientations?)

No in this example, this was 2A’s wife who had married two times so you can see two & signs and two capital letters each side of them. If it was the husband who married two times it would have something like 2A&p with p for Patricia i.e, like in my family example Bk00016A&r, Bk00016A&j, … Keep it simple.

About birth order, I order children into families and everything is ok. But, yes I’ve to change ID sometimes, when I don’t know firstname of someone, if I know he is a guy I use ♂ or ♀ for female as trailing ID character: i.e. 2A♀ and replace it when I know her name. If gender is totally unknown I put a ? : 2A?

You could use * too for godparents: 2a*P and 2a*m are Peter and Mary, 2a godfather and godmother

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Added a Genealogical Numbering Systems cross-reference wiki page and reciprocally linked it from the Reports page.

The specifics about each numbering system still need to be inserted (with overview, illustrations & background)… but there is a place for that kind of information now.


I was unable to find a reference online to Beruck. was looking for either the Numbering system or identifying the creator of the system.

Could you suggest any links?

Yes but there are all in french:


No problem regarding the language issue. Browsers offer the option to translate. (Although we must forgive a few “my hovercraft is full of eels” problems.)

It’s an interesting approach as his stated intent was a system that creates a predictable identifier (one that indicates a nearest relationship to the focal person) for ALL persons in a computerized tree… NOT just direct relatives.

I registered for his site. Hopefully, there has been some work shared which generates the ID algorithmically… as opposed to by documented guidelines.