Descendants Report - Numbering Systems

GRAMPS 5.1.3 on Opensuse Leap 15.2

I noticed that for a Descendants Report, I can chose from six different numbering systems. For a Detailed Descendants Report, there are only three different numbering systems available.

I am interested in using Meurgey de Tupigny (as previous editions of our family tree have used this system), this is available for (simple) Descendants Reports but not for Detailed Descendants Reports.

Am I just making a mistake somewhere or is this a known limitation?

There has uneven interest in numbering systems since they have such extremely narrow application in a broad Tree. So a numbering system tends to only be added to a report when someone has a specific need to publish.

Just added an overview of which reports support what.Numbering Systems.

a while back, I decided I needed a Tree that was self-explanatory for testing filters, charts & auto numbering systems. So now there is a Pseudonym Tree for testing. It doesn’t have any Places, dates, sources, etc. (Probably be good to add some of those… it I can figure what to create that would also be self-explanatory.)

Here’s a 2-way Fan for part of that Tree:

Thanks for adding this to the Wiki. However, this does not seem to match with what I am being offered in Gramps 5.1.3:

Descendant Report supports Simple numbering, d’Aboville, Henry, modified Henry, de Villiers/Pama and Meurgey de Tupigny (six in total, the overview table shows Simple numbering and de Villiers). Likewise, Detailed Dependants Report in 5.1.3. supports d’Aboville, modified Henry and Record (Modified Register) numbering (i.e. three in total, the overview table shows six different numbering systems).

It appears that “Dependants Report” and “Detailed Dependants Report” rows are swapped, but even then there are still some minor discrepancies.

I have not checked the other Report formats.

Thx. I shuffled columns to collate ascending systems and seem to have mixed things up. Will Redo it.

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