How to associate a link for a media

For Citations found online I keep the media and attach it to the citation. Furthermore I would like to attach the URL as well and have it displayed in the narrated web report and have it “clickable”.

There is already an idea with ongoing discussion Internet links for sources and citations, but its not clear to me what is the outcome and whether/when it will be supported.

Currently I am using a note with type "HTML code "attached to the citation. Note with type “Link” seems to be for gramps-internal links only.

Am I missing something ? is there an easier/better way to accomplish attaching media and corresponding URL ?

I will often place the URL in the Citation’s Note tab with the Type HTML code. I do this when there is no downloadable media but you you can have both. I leave the URL in it’s raw form.

In the Narrated Web, the URL will be clickable as well as available from within Gramps by opening the note and right-click “Open Link”.

I use the Links option for both internal Gramps linking but to also to open external URL’s. But I use the Link option within other text. ie. an Obituary to link to the people mentioned or to external URL’s.

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