Internet links for sources and citations

I think it would be great if there was an internet tab for sources and citations (similar to persons and places).
Then it would be easy to revisit sources that are available online. The information could also be used to link to the source (and in the citation case possibly directly to the related page).

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A Feature Request was filed in 2006 with movement on the feature earlier in this year for such an Internet tab.

Apparently, there is a patch available with a request for feedback. And there’s a long discussion Developer maillist thread hyperlinked in that request.

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If you install the patch, please share the step-by-step with the forum and tell us what you think of their approach.

Perhaps a discussion here can be pasted into the feedback on the MantisBT request system.

We’re a bit more than 90 days from the release date for 5.2.0 that had been bandied about… the 20th anniversary of the initial Gramps release.

That means that the freeze date would be a lot closer. Enhancements that don’t make that cutoff probably won’t be rolled in until the next major release about a year later! (The 5.2.x will be maintenance releases and will have ONLY fixes, not enhancements.)

If you want any of the enhancements that have been submitted but not yet approved, it is time to contribute some effort with testing & feedback!

Nice to hear that someone else already thought of that feature.

I took a brief look at the mailing list discussions, but I’m unsure what kind of feedback that is wanted. I think the patch is not a “install this .exe on top of your current installation” but rather some source code branch. But if there is a tab added for internet links and it works like the other internet links tab then I would happy.

(My workaround so far has been to save an image of the citation together with the original url as text.)

Hi @emyoulation, are you referring to this PR?

From what you are saying it sounds like that change (and others with a “milestone” value of v5.2) are not necessarily going to make it into the release?

In that case, since this change involved a database upgrade, installing it locally should only be done on a test database?

I am unable to say if Feature Request 567: Add Internet tabs to Family, Event, Sources, Citation and Media objects is targeted for 5.2.

The Feature Request isn’t one of the items that are listed on the Road Map in our MantisBT bug reporter system.

Although added to the GitHub 5.2 Milestones, the Internet Tab pull requests still show ‘Conflicts’. Those conflicts makes us less able to predict its future.

But it also makes me think the developers could benefit from beta testers exercising the branch & giving feedback. Discovering isolating any problems now (before the 5.2 release) moves the fix forward. Otherwise, patches may be posted earlier but most users will wait for 5.2.1 to be declared ‘stable’

Thanks, that is helpful. A few more general questions:

  • When I click on that Roadmap page in Mantis, I just get a message that says “No Roadmap information available”. Is it not available to non-developers?

  • I do see the 5.2 roadmap in the wiki. How is that related, if at all to the one that you are able to see in Mantis?

  • Is there a cross-reference between feature requests and the PRs that implement them? Or vice versa?


The wiki page is manually generated and thus nearly always outdated.

You may need to be logged into a (free) MantisBT account to delve down to that page. But you do not need to be Developer. (Thankfully… otherwise I couldn’t access it either.)

The systems (GitHub, MediaWiki, MantisBT, Discourse) are not vertically integrated. So it is “catch-as-catch-can”.

Thank you for looking up the PRs. I will paste over to the MantisBT feature request. Sam will make the determination of whether to tag that report for the 5.2 Road Map

I do have a Manits account, but maybe my access level (“reporter”) is insufficient?

I’m at the Reporter level too. Try looking for the Roadmap from the MantisBT popup menu button in the upper left corner.

There doesn’t seem to be anything session-specific (or with a username) in the parameters of the posted link. But sometimes things are masked. Using the menu will eliminate that possibility

It’s the icon that is a… road

mantis roadmap

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Yes, I did, and it takes me to the same place, and I still get “No Roadmap information available” (and yes, I am logged into Mantis).

I can’t see the Change Log either, for whatever that’s worth.

I don’t have a mantisbt account and both links work for me maybe try another internet browser

I just played around with the All issue / Feature Requests / Gramps filter in upper right corner.

Putting it on Feature Requests only displays No Roadmap information available

Bingo! That was the problem. Thanks.