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Very often I need describe some people in the notes (I think not only me), compare them or somethinkg else. I used ids earlier. But once I used the Gramps feature to recalculate Ids, and all them were shifted. So, all ids in my notes are wrong now. I hould like have something like ids but more stable, like db handles. In the development of this thought I have a question - is it possible in Gramps in Python implement something like urls but internally inside the app only? Something like this maybe:




And then click these urls will open this entity or even filtered list.
I mean using not terminal, I mean using clicks inside the app.

The Links feature in Notes already use Handles.

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I think what you need already exists.

At the right end of the toolbar of the Note editor is a “Link” icon (it looks like a greater than symbol with a dot to the right). Highlight the text that you want to be a link and click on that icon.

That will bring up a Link Editor which allows you to select either an internet address or a Gramps object time as the link type. If you select a Gramps object, it will use the internal handle, or if you choose an internet address, you would enter a URL.

I use it a lot for links to websites where the owner prefers other websites to use links rather than copying the contents, and I occasionally use it for links to other objects in my database. I probably should use it more for that purpose, but I haven’t made the time to do so.

Allen Crider

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You are right guys! This is what I need. This is great! Thank you!

The flaw in the Link button of notes is: it highjacks the Clipboard for internal parameter passing.

So… if you went to the trouble of clipboarding a URL, the OS clipboard is overwritten by the highlighted Note text. So you have to go back to the browser and grab the URL again.

Worse, since the dialogs are modal and screen position locked (at least, they are locked in Fedora), you cannot re-arrange dialogs to see references in other parts of the screen.

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