Including Provenance URLs in Sources

Another person on Facebook is asking a slightly different question about sources.

Is there currently a way of putting URL info into a Source definition which is used for the Narrated Web Site generated pages?

Take the example.gramps… Look a the source on your sample website for Baptize registry 1850 - 1867 Great Falls Church

Let’s say that Great Falls Historical Society library had 2 viable URLs:

  1. a catalog description in their holdings of the book
  2. an online PDF of the scanned book

(Fortunately, the closest URL I’ve found doesn’t include the Registry just :
2015 article titled “Great Falls Churches 1850s-through-1940s” This is good because we don’t want Gramps experimenters downloading an unwanted sample thousands of times whenever there is a new Gramps released!)

Is there a way to input URL so it will by made into
a hyperlink on the Title of the Source? Or, maybe on the Call Number from Repository listing for that Source?

You have one way to do that. It is to add a note with a link.

1 - For each citation, you can add a note with a link to the specified URL. See note 2b for: URL
2 - For the Source, you can see the repository or add a note. See URL

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That looks very viable… It is nice that the URL can be added at the Citation level too. (This is useful for a source… like a roll of micro film… where only a single page is of interest.)

However, the Link Editor is currently very awkward. Can we leverage the under-explained “Link” Note type ?

(I have not yet found any developer discussions where all the standard Note types were chosen & enumerated. So the wiki documentation only has “specialty purpose” documentation for the broadly implemented “To Do” type & your use of the “Html code” type.)

It is unclear how a “Link” note was expected to be structured. Perhaps it should be just the URL as a single line & single word? Example, in the form:

Or maybe it would be better to use an “Html code” type note? Since that might allow targeting to minimize spawning Windows.) Example, in the form:
<br />&bull;<a href="" target="GrampsSource">Great Falls church article</a><br />

I currently attach “Link” type notes containing a URL to citations and sources, just as you describe. They appear nicely in pdf reports and in the narrated web site pages. In reports, the links are clickable, but not so in the web pages.

Do you speak about narrative web or other report ?
In 5.2 if you add a link in the note, they are clickable in the narrative web. I don’t remember for 5.1.3.

We need to change the database schema for that. I think we can do everything with the current database.
personaly I never use external URLs because you are not sure they will be always accessible in 10 years. We have so many invalid links in the current web because of that.

Yes, the narrative web report, and I am using 5.1.3. That will be a nice update in 5.2. Thanks.

Do you put the note’s Type as “Html code” ??

I use note type “Link”, not “Html code”.

Note Tab

There is a small chart that lists the “Html code” type as special to add any URL in a not as clickable. It has worked for me in the Narrated Web.

Yes. I recently experimented enough to add “Recognized for features in” column entries for “To Do” and “Html code” note types into that chart.

Type Recognized for features in
<primary object> Note
<secondary object> Note
General (default)
Html code Narrated Web Site report inclusions; export to GEDCOM
Source text
To Do To Do Gramplet, ToDoNotesGramplet Add-on. Not to be confused with ToDo tag-based reports.

But I have not discovered anything mentioning ‘use of’ or ‘special interpretation of’ the other built-in types: “Citation”, “Link”, “Report”, “Research”, “Source text”, “Transcript” ,“Unknown”

Some types appear to just be Categorizations for filtering.

I might be using “Citation” in a way other than intended. I put in the actual text being cited. This type might be intended to be used as a stripped-down standardized Citation Format (like APA, MLA or Chicago/Turabian) for that source? (Wouldn’t that be nice? But I doubt it since… there would have to be a facility for inserting the Vol/Page value. And… the style varies depending on whether it is used as an inline, footnote, endnote or bibliography citation format.)

The “To Do” and “Link” Types in Notes are excluded from the “Remove Unused Objects” tool. I am not sure why Link is included (I checked my Notes and none of them are using the Link type).

The “To Do” type is often used exclusively with the To Do Gramplet and as such are not associated with another object and would be subject to deletion by the tool

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