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An improvement suggestion for @SNoiraud

For each reference you uses something like 1a as reference number but clicking on it goes to two imbricated lists looking like 1 Source1,1 CitationA, 2 CitationB; 2 Source2, 1 CitationA…

May be you could replace your second <ol> html tag used for citations by a <ol type=‘a’> tag to display lists as 1 Source1, a CitationA, b CitationB; 2 Source2, a CitationA… which will more look like as references used before

Does this you ask look like what can be seen in 5.2?
Citation gramps5.2

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Here’s a capture from the 5.2 version @SNoiraud referenced above:


You’re asking about selecting from an outlining Style Cascade… like MS Word has… but using Ordered List levels in CSS, right?

Stack Overflow has an interesting article doing the third example… a decimal-based ( 1; 1.1; 1.1.1) style.

And about list-style-type options from CSS-tricks:

the numbers don’t have to be decimals. They can be anything that list-style-type can be. Namely:

disc (• • •)
circle (○ ○ ○)
square (:black_small_square: :black_small_square: :black_small_square:)
decimal (1 2 3)
decimal-leading-zero (01, 02, 03)
lower-roman (i ii iii)
upper-roman (I II III)
lower-greek (α β γ)
lower-latin (a b c)
upper-latin (A B C)
armenian (Ա Բ Գ)
georgian (ა ბ გ)
lower-alpha (a b c)
upper-alpha (A B C)

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For this, you can always create your own css style.
Be careful, the links are created in the source, so you can’t do what you want.
I made a PR 1272 related to #12336 to make the link to the reference and the reference consistent.

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