Has Discourse Thread targeted scrolling Changed?

Has auto-scroll to target on page changed for anyone else?

When the maillist mode notification comes in with a new (with the 10 minute delay) posting, it includes a hotlinked " Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond."

Starting about a week ago, the browser started loading the page scrolled to the new content, then popped to the top of the page.

I think it may be related to long thread… which load only a portion of the thread … but load more if you scroll up. Maybe it is related to the position reset that kept the the browser from scrolling up to the top of the newly loaded content? Our maybe it is a refresh triggered by the last elements finally loading?

It would be a minor annoyance if I could just scroll to the bottom and start reading. But every page has about 2 (phone) screens of fluff at the bottom. (Suggested topics & when the thread will close.) So a fast scroll to the bottom has to be followed by a careful scroll up.

I use the WebApp from chrome on an Android Moto x⁴ phone

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