Did the Private Messaging in Discourse just break?

Private messages just stopped doing anything beyond listing topics. (Tried in firefox on a Windows and Linux box with the same results.)

The goes into an endless loop when a topic in the list of messages or a message menu item from the Recent repsonses pop-up menu. Firefox complains that that the window is slowing down the system.

The problem might be a corruption in my account. Or in the whole Message threading system. Threading in the publicly posted categories seems unaffected.

weird. weird.

Gary sent a test and I couldn’t see the body, just the title. Then after replying, I could see thing normally in that thread. But other threads are still not showing bodies.

looks like it is just my account.

the next reply was the same thing. I coundn’t read the message sent until posting a reply in the blind. Notice in the capture below the count in the lower right shows a thread of 4 messages but a NULL in the current message indicator of those 4.

It’s not just you, I tried to view/reply to a PM and it won’t open.

Guess we need to ask @Nick-Hall and @gramps-project for help. Are there database repair tools an admin can run on the Discourse PM database?

We don’t have access to the database. It is a hosted service.

What is the problem? It seems to be working for me.

It is having problems composing a page with the bodies from the message records in a thread. But it is specific threads. So it seems to be a damaged index.

The problem is illustrated with captures earlier in this thread.

Note… the problem seemed to occur while I was replying to Paul. So the damage COULD be limited to our 2 accounts.

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