Firefox suddenly serving blank pages for Gramps Discourse forum

Has anyone else’s Firefox browser begun showing blank pages for this forum?

I’m still able to get in through Chrome & MS Edge.

The URLs are right but the content seems to be:

I am not seeing this behavior

I am on Firefox 81.0.2 (64-bit) on Win 10

Works OK for me with Firefox 81.0.1 (64 bit) on Win 10.

I didn’t need to but maybe try clearing your cache or upgrading and restarting Firefox.

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probably related to the updates Windows installed earlier this week without permission.

[Admin here]Checked the error logs and can find no technical issues reported on the Discourse side.

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I’ve got that when I’m not logged in anymore

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Firefox cache and cookie storage can often be corrupt, have you tried to empty both of them?

I have had similar experiences with other sites while using Firefox…

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Flushed the cookies, cache & rebooted. Firefox is loading the content again

All the products have been tightening security so many ways (requiring https, certificates, built in blocking of tracking, etc.) that I wanted to verify the problem wasn’t systemic. Genealogy provides enough rabbit holes.

Thanks all.

Which browser version and your operating system?

Does it happen in the other browsers?

Does following the advice of clearing the cache and upgrading the browser work for you?