WikiContributor session information times out

Editing sessions of a wiki page suddenly have a MUCH shorter lifespan.

I now have to refresh before saving even when spending less than an hour in a session. (Doing edits and comparison against similar entries usually takes at least that long.)

@gramps-project , did the last WikiMedia update do some resets to configuration values?

No change on this side, all setting are identical to last year and I’ve not seen the behavior you describe using the deskop pc browsers, does this only happen for you on the mobile devices? Please provide more information on browsers & OS used.

My edits are being done with Firefox 117.0 (64-bit) for Fedora (v37)

(I browse anonymously with mobile but don’t log-in with it. So no editing there.)
Within the last 2 weeks, there was a Dialog on submit that I have NOT seen before. Rather than go to the validation screen that reported a required field was missing, this popped a dialog. So I did not lose the form data. (What a relief!) That was in MantisBT

The behavior on MantisBT is different. It does NOT lose the pending edit when there is a timeout. And forcing the refresh says it will leave the page… but it doesn’t. It re-populates with the edit and you’re good to commit in the fresh session.

Do you use any extension?

Google Translate version 4.2.0

Both your end of life fedora and old version of firefox with the extension should work ok as no one seems to be reporting any issues with the combination.

When was the last time it happened so I can check and compare against the wiki logs?

oboy. That’s asking for further in the past than I can reliably remember. I’ve slept (multiple times) since the last occurrence.

I’ll note the next few times and message you each time.

Thanks also would really appreciate it if you could raise it as an issue on our mantistbt…:pray:

Will submit a MediaWiki issue in the MantisBT

But issues in the MediaWiki category tend to linger there.

I think you can mark the following as resolved:

submitted with screen capture and approx time
0013142: Gramps-Project MediaWiki edit session times out