Mantis - invalid security token

I just wrote a really long answer (Note) on a topic in Mantis, and when I was to save it, I got an Invalid Security Token Error, and al my text was gone…

Are there some kind of timeout on mantis?
I was still logged in with the same user…

Its kind of hopeless to try to write anything to explain something, when you end up losing a 2 page “essey” on a problem…

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A long standing issue that I have had to learn to deal with; I get it almost every time, as I usually spend time researching and composing the response.

So I have made it a habit to copy all the text to the clipboard before submitting; that way when it fails, I can just paste it back in. On my Windows machine I can use <crtl>a<ctrl>c to copy; and with the recent Win10 ability to store multiple items on the clipboard, I can even save several sections of a bug report that way.

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My condolences. I’ve lost more than one detailed filing to the ‘security token’ flaw in MantisBT.

It made me SO angry & discouraged!

Now, I always try to compose my bugs in notepad. Then paste into MantisBT. Occasionally, I think… “This one isn’t complicated… I can just use the form to compose it.” And my complacency earns me another ‘rap on the knuckles

Our Webmaster has tried many patches in attempts to correct the problem. And the problem IS less pervasive … but not fixed. (Initially, the timeout was so aggressive that I had to really scramble to do the pasting and selection of form fields!)

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yeh, I have to learn to remember this problem, its not the first time, but I never remeber before its to late…

But its “good” to know I’m not alone…

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Speaking of ‘not being alone’ and ‘learning this by experience’…

@sam888 , is there a way to send a prominent warning about the Timeout problem? Can it be included in the New User Account welcome to MantsBT?

The first bug report is usually written with much aymbiguity and requires many remedial Notes asking for better description & detail. But the second bug report? People may spend a lot of time getting it right.

When they lose that one, they may just give up!

My 2nd was very complex to reproduce reliably & had log data. I know losing that one put me off reporting Gramps bugs.

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I was thinking about the same thing…

Multiple times I just didn’t care to write the bug report or my Notes a second time

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@emyoulation Not as far as I can tell after looking around the website.

I’ll revisit the related time out advice and see if I can do anything else. One option was to use the banner at the top of page that I use for upgrades, but it will be persistent text in yellow and annoying in my opinion. Each person that has reported the issue to the mantisbt has had it closed with no resolution.

@StoltHD Do you remember the error code mantisbt gave you?

I don’t remember it word by word, but it was an “Invalid Security Token”, and something about “Token Session Timeout” or something similar.

I’m sorry, I got so frustrated that I forgot to make a screen capture…

I will remember to do it, if it happens again, it has been a while since my last report or note, so I had forgot all about that problem…

I wonder if there’s different timeout on adding MantisBT Notes than on New reports?

New reports definitely have a longer valid security token window than 18 months ago. (Thanks Sam!!)

Like Paul said, walking through what I write (during the proofreading process) REALLY extends the amount of time spent on each posting.

Dunno if you’re using Firefox as your browser, but if you are, this form caching workaround sounds interesting.


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