MantisBT doesn't show all my reported issues

Just a question about how the bugtracker site works, is it normal that ones that has been assigned to someone, isnt visible anymore unless I follow the link?

I always forget to clear the the filters. You might want to try that first.

No, I checked the filters, they are set to show everything, both on the “Reported by me” thing and on the last modified thing, its not visible after it got assigned. Just wondering if it is on purpose:

(It should have been above those in the image)

Check that you have “All Projects” selected rather than just “Gramps” or “Feature requests”. You can find this at the top-right of the window next to your user name.


Yes. Just checked.

Those Filter settings find 7 issues for “Feature Requests” and 3 for “Gramps” bugs.

So you want “All Projects” – which finds all 10.

Note that each time you use the Report Issue button, MantisBT asks which Project to file under. You have to switch back to “All Projects” afterwards.

Oh, I didnt see that, that was it, thank you. Didnt know that button was a thing.
I see now that I added it wrong place because of it.
Will try to remember for next time.

Personally I may have preferred if that setting then defaulted to all projects when page loads, but maybe that is only me.

It default to “All” for the first use and for anonymous users.

After that, MantisBT remembers your last project and separate filter settings for each project.

I haven’t looked in MantisBT for a preferences setting. And they only have an administrator guide, no user guide.

There is this setting, but it doesnt seem to do anything?

EDIT: It seems to try to be whatever you had last time no matter what that setting is, if I wait some days while my PC have been off multiple times in the mean time, doesnt matter.

Maybe it is like Gramps?

Where there is an override elsewhere.

Or, where sometimes a feature evolves without considering a previous setting.

Or no one feels the extra code and GUI complexity isn’t worth the UX tradeoff.

That is just guessing. We’d have to take this discussion to the MantisBT forum to find out.

Thank you for moving this to its own thread, the tread moved off topic.

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From this thread in their forum, it looks like the “Default project” was just implemented because some sites are cluttered with projects. So they wanted to have a standard entry-point for the initial use.

They didn’t consider anything like a reset should include the defaulting “project” again. I (kinda) wish there was an unfilter that eliminated all filters. (You might notice that the reset goes back to the default where “closed” status issues are filtered out. That is an overly subtle filter … like the Confidence in the Citations Filter gramplet… or the Audience and Status filters of the 5.2 Addon Manager)

I can see how such a preference feature might get very complex with variants.

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