The window for beta discussion is closing. Outstanding issues must be in MantisBT

Because time is running short before 5.2 is released, we have to immediately shift how this “Beta Testing” discussion board is being used.

The Discourse forum will only be used for help isolating a bug report. Once a problem reproduction process is identified, the bug must be entered into MantisBT so Developers can mange their time and track their progress working issues.

If your issue is still tagged as “Unresolved” means there is NO CHANCE it will be worked on for the 5.2 release. If the discussion has progressed to isolating a 100% reproducible case, then open a MantisBT report and close the discussion here with a reference to that report marked as the ‘solution’.

I transcribed some earlier discussions to Bug Reports. (But some were not not nearly as well written as the originator might have written. They needed clarifications.) I’ve done the ones I felt competent to write.The remaining ones will be up to others.