"monitoring" feature disappeared from Mantis?

I’m logged into Mantis but no longer see the list of issues that I was monitoring (nor the ones I’ve submitted), nor can I see the button to monitor an issue. Has the feature been disabled? If so, accidentally or intentionally? Or did I just mess up my view somehow? Thanks.

I also seem to have lost the button to submit a new issue (though it still says “reporter” next to my name). Did I offend someone??

Try clearing your Internet browser cache and/or login again as it works for me on Chrome/Firefox/Microsoft Edge on both windows and linux (Virtual machine).

Please share details of your browser/ operating system?

I was in the middle of replying when the entire mantis site went silent.

I just again checked and everything is back up. Whoever rebooted the system… Thank You.

All is fine now, thanks!