WikiContributor log-in missing from

Just visited the wiki and was unable to get to the Editing features. The User login at the top left was missing.

It did not remember my recent log-in and there was no user log-in option. (Started in Firefox but also tried Chrome.)

Same here, with Firefox, Brave, and Edge. No trace of login in the page source either.

Some users are still able to make changes though. I see recent changes by Dave and Patsy.

@emyoulation @ennoborg Login via mobil view is still working. At the bottom of the page you can switch to mobil view, login and then switch back to desktop view.


Yes, I normally have to edit via my cell phone (darn it!) and this was a rare time that my laptop was near a WiFi mode

Odd though. I had to wander around the mobile theme until a hamburger menu appeared with a Log In option.

Nick answered a question about this earlier this year (see this archived message) - the login link is intentionally hidden due to spam bot activity (so I’m not re-sharing the link here).

My login must’ve timed out after a long interval. Too long of an interval to remember the solution.

@Nick-Hall … if the Spambots were targeting standard MediaWiki login header gadgets, maybe we can add a link in the Wiki contribution portion of the Contact page?

As I was the one who made the change, I’ll check the logs over the weekend and revert if possible.


Thanks! Hope it doesn’t draw fire.

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added a login link to the wiki subsection of the Contact wiki page. That addition may need to be reverted if excessive log-in attempts begin to appear.

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