Gramps Web Login does not terminate upon reboot after a "casualty" with user still active

GRAMPS: AIO64-5.1.5-1

Python: 3.6.4 (default, Jan 23 2018, 13:17:37) …
BSDDB: 6.1.0 (6, 0, 30)
sqlite: 3.21.0 (2.6.0)
OS: Windows

Gramps 5.1.6

Gramps Web API 1.5.1
Gramps Web Frontend 24.1.2
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

Several times now, I have had to reboot the server running the docker image of gramps web. Lastest time because response was getting very slow.

Upon accessing web page after reboot, still logged in a previous user. In this reasonably restricted environment that is not a big issue, but it could be,

Of concern also is there seems to be no way to delete users, once created, nor disable their login. Their role appears to be adjustable to prevent “troubles” and perhaps that is sufficient?


that you are logged in after a server reboot is a feature, not a bug. If you don’t like staying logged in, just log out manually.

Deleting users is indeed currently not possible from the web interface, see feature request Allow deleting users · Issue #304 · gramps-project/gramps-web · GitHub

But you can delete users using the command line for now (caution: wrong link inserted automatically by Discourse - the right link is User system - Gramps Web).

If you set a user to “disabled”, they cannot log in.