DynamicWebReport - Error in 'Descendants' section for multiple marriages

First: My native language is German. If the following English is not correct, the DeepL Translator did a bad job.

Now to the point, it is about the DynamicWebReport:
In the Ancestors section, the parents and siblings are displayed in groups. In addition in each case an expander button.
When you click on the button, the data for the respective group becomes visible or hidden.
Here everything is in order.

In the section ‘Descendants’ this routine does not work for multiple marriages!
Here, too, the marriages are displayed in groups.
But: when clicking on one of the group buttons, only the data of the first marriage is visible.

I have researched and found that in the category ‘Descendants’ the ‘section_id’ is not incremented or not taken over correctly.
In an experimental HTML page (clones of the generated page), I manually incremented the section IDs of the second and third marriages by one each. With this it works.

The error must be in ‘dwr.js’, ‘function PrintTitle(section_id, level, contents, collapsible, is_tabbeb, collapsed)’, and there in the loop ‘for (var i = 0; i < contents.length; i += 1)’.

My knowledge of javascript is unfortunately very rudimentary, so I can’t see where ‘the dog is buried’.
Maybe I’ll meet an expert here who can give me the solution off the cuff.


GRAMPS: AIO64-5.1.4-1
Python: 3.6.4 (default, Jan 23 2018, 13:17:37) …
BSDDB: 6.1.0 (6, 0, 30)
sqlite: 3.21.0 (2.6.0)
BS: Windows

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I don’t have this issue


May be it’s coming from your family records in Gramps ??

Thanks for the answer.

I first noticed the problem when testing the version “Dynamic Web Report B” presented here https://gramps.discourse.group/t/dynamic-web-report-updated/2059.

When I follow the link to your page, it shows me the same problem: the ToggleButtons in the Descendants section do not work correctly.

Please see a demo page here: http://kudsk.de/Demo%20DynWeb/Demo%20DynamicWeb.html.

To be on the safe side, I revisited an archived DynamicWebReport from 04/12/2018. Result: the same.

Translated with DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator (free version)

Yes I see the toggle buttons issue now (i haven’t even seen these button before now!). Sorry

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