Dynamic Web Report - Issue/Bug?

So… My family tree recently passed 10,000 persons and now DWR is not showing sort options on Surnames, Individuals & Media Indexes…

I exported a subset with just 1,300 persons and ran the report and it all works fine, but on the main site there are no sort columns…

Here are links to the two sites for reference.

The 10,000+ (No Sort) - Home - Rosentreter Family
The 1,300 (Sort Working) - https://www.rosentreter.website/gramps-zz/index.html

You should look at that other thread, it’s probably the same phenomenon:

That fixed it.

I replaced it under the plugin file dwr.js line 1810 var TABLE_OPTIMIZATION_LIMIT = 3000; with var TABLE_OPTIMIZATION_LIMIT = 50000;

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