Display Tags in a graphical report?

Hi everyone, this is my first entry here so apologies for any beginner mistakes.

I have used Tags to identify a number of on/off attributes for a person and I would these tags to be included when I create graphical reports such as ancestor charts etc, but I cant find what code to use for including Tags. It’s pretty clear how to include other data, including events or attributes but Tags are nowhere to be found.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious or is it not possible?

/ Peter

[AIO64-5.1.4-1, Win 11 Home]

The Narrated Website built-in report has an option to include tags in the narrativeweb.py. The person.py probably has the portion used to created the HTML for that.

The Pedigree View mode in the Charts category has a configure option to color the on-screen boxes by the dominant Tag color. But it does not have a ‘print’ option.

Thanks for the quick response. I might have to change my strategy from using Tags to use Attributes instead.

Like everything there are pros and cons. If you create gedcoms for uploading, be aware that attributes are not included in the gedcom.

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