Is it possible to mark people in ways that show up in Charts view?

So if possible, I want to use some way to mark people with something like “not confirmed” with either a symbol text or colour in charts view.
I use Graphs View addon so it would be better if it was working with that.

Do that exist? either in Gramps, Graphs View or another addon?

Many Charts support showing the Tag swatch(es) in the charts. (Some add a rollover hint to the swatch with the Tag label)

However, there is not yet an option to insert a Legend box on the charts.


I did not realize that Graph View you can put it to show tags, I think I even looked for it yesterday but I must be blind or looked for the wrong thing.

If anyone else stuble over this thread wondering the same and use Graphs View:
Right click on background and then show tags. Then it show a coloured stripe on people for the colour of the tag and you can hover over it to see the name of it.

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