Graphview: need an additional note / graphview um um eine Bemerkung / Notiz erweitern

Gramps 5.1.4 Windows 10
I like to work with the graphview.
I would like to have added a small note to the output, e.g. “butcher, died of typhus”, only a few characterizing remarks.

Kann man die Box von Graphview um eine Anmerkung erweitern? Bei manchen Vorfahren sind nur
wenige Fakten bekannt, die verschwinden dann nach der Eingabe unter Notiz und sind nicht an der “Oberfläche”


Right now there is no way to display a note with GraphView. Being able to display (short) notes in graphs would be a very useful feature. Maybe it will be added in future.

I wonder how you’d do a GUI for adding annotations to a Charts view?

You can add web content to some of the web reports with HTML type notes… but that a different animal entirely.

Maybe there could be a sticky note (Post-it) type feature for Charts view? (There are a number of Python libraries for that.) But how would flag notes that you wanted re-populated automatically?

I simply would like:
configure the active view
show places
show full date
show note <------------- something like this

Thank you