Search field in standard Graphic (Charts) View

In the Gramplet Graph View, we have a search field to search a personn and make him active. But in the standard graphic view, we haven’t this field. Is it possible to add it ?


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Requested in feature request 11350 Add new “search bar” and “bookmark button” on Gramps toolbar (like the one in Graph View) that has a link to an in development “SearchGramplet based on GraphView search widget.” addon by @vantu5z but it looks to have been abandoned or waiting on testing?


That’s right but it can be added in hard native code without a gramplet. It’s maybe easier ? :slight_smile:

Some thinking needs to happen before making such a searchbar into a standard part of the Category View interface.

The enabling of a Searchbar in the list-based views is tied to the right-side gramplet split bar (aka 'sidebar) being disabled via the View menu or keybinding.

In the charts category view modes, the normal ‘filtering’ behavior does not make as much sense.

This idea seems to be about using the searchbar as a Navigation interface, not a filter. So it needs to have a different appearance than the ‘searchbar’ that is a filter. But the bar should not be locked to showing anytime that the Sidebar is hidden. The ability to screen capture a Chart without lots of extra controls make them easier to use as illustrations. (Actually, it would be useful if the menubar could be hidden too.)

In “Graph View”, it’s a searchbar used as a navigation interface. Have you tried to use it ? I don’t really understand what is the difference between a filter and a navigation function for a searchbar.

Why not ? In the View menu, you can add an option to show or hide the searchbar.

It could be a good idea for some users but it’s not the topic here :wink:

Look at the Status Bar. It show the Active Person when in the People view. When you Filter or Searchbar for a person who does not match, the Active Person can be hidden from the Viewable records. The search does NOT change the focus of the view.

I do not have all the GraphView components installed to do tests with its search. But I seem to recall that it changed the focal person of the Chart.

Such an option doesn’t exist yet and would mean a pretty significant change to workflows (and documentation). And having it independent of the Sidebar creates a lot of complexity for users about the interaction of the Filter gramplet and the Searchbar. That is not a deal-breaker… but it needs discussion. Possibly a the “GEPS” level discussion.

A searchbar is just an option to search and make an individu active easier than go in the Individu View, select the personn (with the search bar you showed me previously) and come back to graphic view.

You can simply add the same searchbar as in the list view in the graphic view (when the right bar is not here). It’s not disrupting in my opinion ; the users who still use the search bar in list view will be able to use it in graphic view and the users who don’t use it will have no change … Where is the complexity ? How is it a pretty significant change to the all-days workflow ?

How about this instead… a Focus Navigator gramplet for the Charts view. It could contain this searchbar variant and a scrollable list of matching/filtered people. Then it could be used with any Charts category View Mode without needing changes to all of them.

(Another option might be be to have a “Proximity” filter that makes the list show all people within ‘3’ degrees of the focus person. So you could navigate to a 1st cousin or grandchild easily. It might even have a column that lists “Relationship” to the focus person.)

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This is a great alternative. It doesn’t directly modify the software but adds functionality to users like me who dearly need it.

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Ok. Then lets take a look at Gramplets and tools that have pieces of what is desired.

  • For navigation to relatives, you could use the 2-way Fan gramplet. (or, the Pedigree and Descendant gramplets)
  • The Filtering takes 2 addons. From the Isotammi addons, use the Filter+ gramplet and the Test Run in the FilterParams tool. (The Test Run results window opens the Person editor by double-click. navigate to that person from context menu in dead space of the Editor header.)

So there is an awkward filtering workaround. The next step is figuring out how to combine all the filtering bits into a single gramplet.

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Personally, I do not see the need for a search function from within the various graph views.

Each of the views works off of the Active Person. I find using the People view the fastest and easiest method to find and select a new active person. The sidebar filter in the People view easily finds all possible people if your search term is Joe Smith.

Once found and selected/made active in the People view, it is easy to select the desired graph view. I use this method even when the desired view is the Grouped People view.

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I think everyone has a different way of using GRAMPS and for me the
search bar in Graph View is essential I use Graph View as my main
interface to Gramps and is the one I spend most time in



I tryed this gramplet since a little week. It’s cumbersome and very restrictive compared to the initial need. Maybe it could be easier to improve the gramplet “Filter” (the simple not the “+” from Isotammi) : the results could be displayed in a window where it would be sufficient to select the individual who should become active in the graphical view.

I was thinking in the same direction. Although I’d prefer it be based on the Isotammi + because it has all the same features as “Filter”… and more.

But instead of a pop-up window, maybe it could make the main section collapsible and have an auto-maximizing ‘results’ section in the Gramplet. So running the filter would collapse the form and give more space for the results. If you wanted a larger/wider space for results, you could undock the Gramplet.

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If you think the filter + is more complete, it can also be a good starting point (I don’t have enough perspective on it because I haven’t been using it long enough). I was too thinking of a detached gramplet.

An other windows where we can have a search field is in the window where we can choose a personn to add in a family for example. I have more than 5500 personns in my database and it’s very painful to seach in this long list the good personn. A search field like the one in the sources/citations windows will be helpful.


Little up for the searchfield in the name’s windows :slight_smile:

When you are on the people selection window, you only need to enter the name of the person.

For all views, if you have no side bar, you have a search bar in the top of the view.

It doesn’t reduice the list of name in order to only show a short selection of name. In citations’s view, you have exactly what I tell you.

What I suggest is to add a search field which is the same in the personn windows than in the citations/sources windows.

EDIT : I find exactly what I speak about in the Phototagging gramplet. Why not generalize the person view with this search box in any gramps?

Capture d’écran du 2024-02-16 17-37-19

The search field is not efficient : it’s not the same as the one in Graph view which is the best one in my opinion.

This is an external addon which has no relation with the gramps core.