Indicate tags in relationship graph

Is it possible to show tags in the relationship graph? Perhaps as small coloured blocks after the relevant item? As it stands, there is no indication at all, and I am easily confused.

Did you try adding colours to your tags?

Tags aren’t currently supported in the Reports → Graphs → Relationship Graph report. And there really isn’t a standard for how to include Tag info in a report. So you would need to put in a Feature Request in the MantisBT system. Or hack it yourself.

  • The Pedigree view mode in the Charts category has a Config option to fill the Person’s box with the highest level tag’s color.
  • Complete individual report has a list tags (by name, not color) in the Include (2) options tab.
  • the experimental CardView can optionally show placeholder swatches

It appears to me that the most straightforward to implement would be the fill color override, similar to the Pedigree view.

Yes, all my tags are coloured. They work fine within the core of Gramps, but I frequently rebuild the relationship graph and use that as my working memory. A visual reminder of the tags would really help prevent wasted time.

Hmm. My python is weak, but it’s all 1s and 0s, right? How hard can it be?

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