Highlight people born after a date in reports

I need to highlight ancestors born before 1920… I know I could just export the data into Excel, but is there anyway I could use a Graphical Report to highlight individuals born before a specific date?

You can create a filter for all born before 1920, create a tag with color, and add that tag to all filtered people… then there are a few graphical reports and views that can show the tag color on the boxes…

Thank you for the solution… I will try it out.

Any idea which reports actually use the tag colors? What has to be implemented in the report option?

Sorry, seems I remembered wrong…

Only graphical view I found with tag’s so far is the “Graph View” under Charts.

But it would be a great feature to have a tag color option for the graphical reports…

Maybe you should create a feature request for it?

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In 5.2, the narrative web will have tags:
here is an example Garner von Zieliński, Lewis Anderson Sr
tags exists with persons, notes, families, sources, media


Thank you, this does look interesting. But I am looking for ways to output to PDF and cant really work with web pages.

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