Descendant Tree Report with Search-Index & Time Axes?

I like to hear if and how it would be possible to replicate via Gramps’ Descendant Tree Report with using its various formatting/reporting option settings, a descendant tree that looks close to the family tree layout which was designed (and manually produced) by my cousin as showed in the attached image.

The report spans across multi-page, with the tree down the generation going from top to bottom, and has two orthogonal axes:

  • the vertical axis representing time with tick marks in 25-year (~ one generation) units

  • the horizontal axis containing search-index tick marks for used in conjunction with a name->search_index mapping report which would be automatically generated as an integral by-product of the descendant tree report generation.


There are the Life Line Chart addon views. May not be totally what you want but they do have have a timeline scale.

When installing, you will need to add Prerequisite components.

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