Is there a descendant report that provides off-page connectors?

I would like to publish a multi-page descendant report where numbered page connectors (see sample image below) allow the reader to traverse the family tree. Hyperlinks would be a bonus, but these could be added later using a Word processor.

Is there an existing report that does this?

The excellent Pedigree Chart currently provides this feature, but I am looking for a descendant report rather than an ancestor report. Thank you.

Off-page Connector

Gramps version AIO64-5.1.5-1, Windows 10

None of the built-in charts spring to mind. Although some of the Web Site Generators have features for traversing the descendants. (I don’t use Reports very often so maybe someone else has a better recollection.)

Maybe we can discuss what could be adapted?

Since reading your request, I’ve been trying to think of a diagram that would consistently leave enough room for cross-reference redirection arrows. Because the number of descendants varies dramatically, not many diagrams lend themselves to such a neat presentation.

Perhaps a variation of the Descendant Fan Chart might have an outer ring of redirects? The following half-circle orientation is Landscape but Portrait would probably be better for printing.

The first few inner rings lacked enough circumference to fit a reasonable number of descendants or space to describe the progenitor couple.

Or maybe a quadrant Fan Chart? Would be a better basis?

The fan chart approach is visually appealing. However, I think I will have to settle for a collection of traditional Family Descendant Tree charts. For each chart I will limit the number of generations to 1 or 2 depending on the size of the families, play with the substitution keys to minimize the height of each box, and select the “fit to page” option. Using a word processor I’ll assemble the charts and add off-page connectors.

Many thanks for taking the time to consider my question.

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The Family Sheet (addon text report) prints a family group type of report but includes all events not just the big ones.

Under each child that have their own family page will have an arrow with an alphanumeric string i.e. → 22ic. That string will appear at the top right corner of that child’s family page. It is not an active link but could be if you have the knowhow. Printing to an OpenDocument Text will give you an editable file.

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That was the big obstacle that reared its head. The Family Group sheets are so limited in scope. It would take too many pages and puzzle doesn’t come together enough to shown a community. You can’t see the forest for the trees.