Context menus are Easter Eggs but could be hamburgers

I must be hungry. But I was thinking about the Context Pop-up Menus (menus… No, it’s late and the restaurants are all closed. I wonder what’s in the pantry?) and realized that they are hidden Easter Eggs (an egg salad sandwich sounds good.) but that they might be more intuitive as Hamburgers (oooh… a pizzaburger would be even tastier!)

If the pop-up context menus for the active object could be accessed via an Hamburger icon on the toolbar, then a whole range of hidden features would become more visible. And, Gramps becomes more touchscreen friendly.


Just to extend the silly moment…

Seriously, if Gramps had this and the life preserver (help) icon as standard toolbar elements that could be re-targeted with every change of focus, then we could start having well-targeted Help and increasingly visible context menus.

Of the examples discovered, I prefer this bulleted list style: