Unification of context menus

In “0004452: Unification of right-click context popup menus” submitted 2010, Doug Blank suggests more consistent Context Menus (varying according to each uniquely indicated object type in Gramps). Three years later in 0006390 (closed as a duplicate of the 2010 request), he suggest a centralized pop-maker.

There are a host of related requests:

related to 0007335 confirmed Cleanup code, filenames, and documentation
related to 0001640 acknowledged Add context menu items to main menu as not everybody knows about context menu.
related to 0001472 confirmed Quick View (reports) in person editor should be in first level of context menu and not hidden in sublevel
related to 0001639 confirmed make Set Home Person more accessible. (e.g. add to context menu)
related to 0011891 acknowledged Extended selection and ‘indicated’ makes Contextual pop-up menu behavior ambiguous
has duplicate 0006390 closed Create a centralized popup maker to standardize popups for each object
related to 0007283 confirmed Allow user to disable balloon help pop-ups
related to 0011140 confirmed Unification of right-click context popup menus
related to 0012022 acknowledged [People category] Some items in right-click context menu need to be gray out in Grouped People view

Maybe the time has come. Chris Horn ( @cdhorn ) has created an extensively interwoven Context Menu system for his experimental CardView view modes. Maybe the menu generator could become a core method.

Currently, only the Person Editor and the Family Editor offer an object level context menu in the Header of the dialog. (And the Family Editor only offers Quick Views there.) This impedes Object focus navigation in all categories but Person.

Although the clipboard has focus navigation for Primary objects, it provides no context menus for secondary objects. This makes sense (considering the ambiguous context clips of text, attribute, address & such); but the “<object> ref” need more attention. It is frustrating to see a Ref and not be able to see the extra context or get to its parent object or its editor.

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