Can WebConnect insert itself in the Edit Person context menu too?

The Web Connect Pack add-on is useful but somewhat difficult to access.

It would require fewer unnecessary View navigations & refreshes if the add-on also inserted itself into the Edit Person context menu.

It would be less ambiguous & more actionable there too. The Edit Person can’t have an extended selection of Person Objects. Plus the issue of ‘indicated’ versus ‘selected’ when right-clicking doesn’t apply either. By more actionable, I mean that the action is several GUI clicks closer. If you are going to transcribe some data, you’re going to need an Edit Person dialog open to a visual compare or to add a Gramps object to receive the data.

Ideally, maybe it could eventually have a Gramplet Shell like the Quickview shell gramplet too. The right-click & mouse vertically, horizontally & vertically to a submenu is too fussy to be used repetitively. Nor will it translate easily to a touch-screen GUI. Perhaps a shell gramplet with checkboxes for each submenu item and a Seek button.

Or maybe line items for its menu items could be appended in the Internet tab? (Wouldn’t this feature be a lot more intuitive if the “Path” column row items were hot-linked and performed the non-conformist Jump To button action that’s currently buried in the Internet Address Editor?

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