Take advantage of the Clipboard for navigation and filter creation

You’ve probably noticed that it is difficult to navigate the object Category view to anything other than People. (The Relationship, Charts, and Geography refocus as the Active Person selection changes.)

But, let’s say that you discover there’s a duplicate Place as you wend your way through a Place selection dialog while adding an event. So you’re dreading having to find it for a merge in the Place Tree or Places List view modes… because that will require doing a search or a lot of scrolling.

There’s a faster way.

Drag’n’drop the Place (the one you just added to the Event Editor) to the Clipboard, select the clipboarded Place and right-click. The contextual menu will have a Make the <object type> active menu selection. When you switch views to that object Category, it will be focused on that that record.

The other nice shortcut creates a Custom filter focused on that object. This is helpful since the Custom Filter’s rule editing dialogs are GUI instances where drag’n’drop will NOT work.

Note that the ‘ref’ type items on the clipboard are merely references to objects, not the actual objects. So they have no context menu options.


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