Add Notes as a default Gramplet to Notes view

Currently, by default Gramps 5.2 only pre-populates the Notes View bottombar with the “References” gramplet.

Since a Notes gramplet for this category is now included in the core, could it be included in the Default as the leftmost and active gramplet for the Notes view mode? This would be more consistent with the bottombars of other views.

In a similar vein, some other views default to unpopulated Sidebar and Bottombars.

  • Relationships
  • Charts
  • Geography

Chris mentioned that there did not seem to be a way to initialize a view mode with the gramplet splitbars inactive. Since it is too late in the cycle to put in a new feature allowing that, perhaps these view could have their default gramplets changed?

  • Relationships
    • sidebar : Descendants
    • bottombar : Pedigree
  • Charts
    • sidebar : Relatives
    • bottombar : QuickView (Person:Siblings)

Geography doesn’t really have suitable default Gramplets. For 5.3, a configurator gramplet could be added with map selection and a button to open the Configure dialog. Or a Gramplet that lists the Events (or criteria) being plotted in the Current geography view and export button.

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