Questions about the Notes gramplet

This may result in a bug report and/or a feature request, after I benefit from the wisdom of the community…

  1. The Notes gramplet displays one note at a time, which I guess is useful for viewing the entire note rather than just the first line, but I’m surprised that it doesn’t give me a scroll bar when the note is longer than the available space in the window. Is that a bug? (I’m using Gramps 5.1.4-2 on Mac, if that makes a difference.)

  2. Here are some possible feature requests. Have any of these been considered and rejected before? (I searched Mantis but didn’t find anything, other than this one and this one which are regarding the To-Do gramplet, but are similar to what I’m describing below.)

  • Give users the option to configure the Notes gramplet to show one line per note, like Notes are shown in the various object editors.
  • Regardless of one note at a time or a list of notes, display the Note Type (again, as it appears in the object editors) and also the Note ID. These could also be configuration options (if that is possible).

I am on 5.1.4 on Win10 and I am seeing the scroll bar when the note is more than the space allocated.

I have the Note gramplet loaded in the bottom bar of the two people views. The scroll bar is not noticeable until you either select the actual gramplet or scroll over it.

There have been some scrollbars issues. They can be invisible until you rollover where they should be. It is supposed to reduce screen clutter.

For Windoze, the addon Themes preferences have and option to show the “Fixed Scrollbars” … but the docs say that option is only for Windoze. Doesn’t hurt to look anyway.

Thanks for the replies. I see that scrollbar behavior in the upper part of the screen (the list of objects), but not within the Notes gramplet.

Not sure what you mean by that, but I did try undocking the gramplet so that it becomes a separate window, then resized it and found the scrollbar that way. But that’s not very useful. (By the way, I noticed that when I redocked the gramplet, its name disappeared.)

I looked, and it’s not there (nor is it in the Linux version on my Chromebook). And speaking of that, I don’t see the scrollbar there either.

Is it possible the scrollbar in the Notes gramplet is only working on Windows? Can any other Mac or Linux users share their experience with it? I will open a bug report if necessary.

Clicking in the Note gramplet as if you were selecting the text instead of hovering over the gramplet. The scroll bar will display but without further actions will quickly fade away.

Thanks for clarifying. I tried that but that scrollbar does not appear. Moreover, if then use my down arrow key, the cursor disappears as it reaches the rows that are out of view, rather than causing the window to scroll.

After some testing I can replicate this.

With 18 lines of text at default font and size, (Sans, 10), the scroll bar will not appear, but with 19 lines, it does.

Its not linked to number of lines, as if you increse the font size it require fewer lines for the scroll bar to not be shown to it start being shown, so more linked to number of pixels or whatever unit that it used.

(Gramps 5.1.3)

Meaning, you can replicate the correct behavior, not the bug? And you are using Windows?

I hope to hear from a Mac or Linux user, or anyone who has the same problem. (But thank you for replying!)

I can replicate the bug. I am on Windows, Gramps 5.1.3
With standard font and font size, sans, 10, If there is 18 lines or less in a note, and I resize the area to be less than the full note, the scroll bar do not show. If its 19 lines, it does.
When it doesnt show, clicking or hoverig or whatever do nothing, still not shown.

Try to add even more lines to the note(s) in question, and if its that above the scroll bar should show if its many enough.

Doesnt affect me personally because I dont have it so small that that would be the case tho.

Images from my test tree: (Keep in mind I have a 4k monitor)
(and I have a dark Theme on)

Made a note on an event look like this:

Rezise the notes thingy that makes the note be taller than it, No scrollbar is shown:

If I add one more line and it start showing:

It doesnt show the hole scroll bar tho, can not scroll down to see the last line. I think the note gramplet have a minimum size, so if its smaller than that, it stays the same size as minimum just with the bottom off it cut off and not visible.

Seems to be the same thing with the other gramplets actually, not only the notes one. (Tested attributes too, different number of lines)

I dont know if this is what you are experiencing, maybe what size it start happening at depens on your monitor/OS for what I know.

If it is, there is two ways to fix it, makes the gramplet be allowed to be smaller, OR limit how small people can actually make them.

Thank you! Now I see. In my case, when I increase the number of lines from 14 to 15, the scrollbar appears. I will submit a bug for this, in case it can be fixed in the code.

I found something interresting:
The scrollbar is available when the gramplet data is greater than 20% of your screen size or 400

You can try the proposed solution:

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