Why tags are duplicated?

I’ve added year-tag via the form (at right) which is shown on the screenshot. When I try choose tags via the source form I see duplicated tags. I dont know which of them should be chosen. Do they have the same id the the database? Why it happened? Thanks

The list of Tags in the Organize Tags window also has duplicates. They are just not alphabetically sorted.

Tags are created in two parts. The unique portion is the handle which is a long alphanumeric string. The alphanumeric string is stored with the tagged object. You give the tag a label which is what you the user sees. So more than one Tag can have the same label (which maybe Gramps should not allow).

There is no Merge option for tags. You would need to rename tags 1786a, 1786b, etc, then retag the objects with the a, b version of the tag with the plain 1786 tag. Then delete the now unused 1786a and 1786b tags.

Then repeat for the other duplicates.

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Is is possible sort tags in the Organize Tags window? I still can not find duplicates.
Maybe it possible sort it via any sql query or any plugin?

In the Organize window, it is manual sort only as part of organizing them.

There is the new experimental Card View.

One of the views that would be added is a Tag view. It is basically the Organize window but sorted.

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You are right, I had duplicates. I was not attentive. I could not found them among huge amount of others tags. It would be great make two things on the app:

  1. ability to sort tags automatically in the Organize window
  2. inform user something like this: “such tag already exists. are you really sure you want create this tag?” - it is search by string between tags in the DB and the new tag which is creating.

What do you think ,does it make sense?

I am not understanding how you are using these tags and thus the need for them.

In your attached image, it appears you want to tag the source with 1786. The Title already has 1786 which can easily be used as a filter. Gramps users try hard not to tell how another user should do something, but maybe… are you creating more work for yourself?


The order set in the Organize window has more to do with the set color. If you set colors to tags, if an object has more than one tag with colors, the order of the tags determines with color will be used in the view list.

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Good question :thinking:, I will think on it. Thank you!

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