Good Gramps programming practices

An idea to add bellow which could be good programming practices (if this doesn’t already exist somewhere else)

The first I can see is to sort tags in alphabetical order in every gramplet or filter which are using them

We’re going to differ on this one. But that’s ok since the Gramps philosophy tends to be ‘many ways to doing anything’

I think that the order will most frequently be based on the order defined in the Organize Tags… dialog. If someone wanted to add a couple sorting features, that would be most welcome.

And perhaps a Privacy switch to turn off display of certain Tags. (The alternative right now is to search on a Tag apply an Attribute to that set of Objects & delete the Tag. You can restore the Tag by reversing the process. Unfortunately, you’ll lse the color & Tag order.

An Ancestry user recently posted a technique whether they made workaround visible tags for genealogy databases that don’t have that feature. They add emojis as tags into the Suffix fields. So, anywhere the program printed the name, it automatically printed the Tag(s). The technique was shared to one of the Gramps Facebook pages but quickly withdrawn.

Like :
John Smith, Jr.:construction::newspaper::orange_book::notebook_with_decorative_cover:

In principal, I’m opposed to a practice that co-opts something as critical as the Suffix field.

But, unless we’re tinting rows in a list-based view with a Tag color, using a representative emoji can communicate a lot less ambiguously than a rectangle of color. Even with no key, with the example above, I’d assume that profile was: a work-in-progress with newspapers, something in an orange reference binder/book, and their research log having yet to be processed.

So I can understand the attraction.

(The ugly part is that the OS themes and application rendering will not necessarily show the expected image. For instance on my Android phone, the Discourse editor showed this:
and then rendered the following as the posted image:

By default they sort by priority in the view I am working on, but I added a sort by name option for you a while ago…

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Sorry if you misunderstood me; I was talking about tag filters and gramplets which uses tags as criteria not display