Different style for ancestors' names

(Gramps 5.1.5, Ubuntu 20.04)

I want to display a certain person’s ancestors in a different style (different color).
Is this possible?
If so, is it possible to set different colors for ancestors of different people?

Thank you

Color styling is an option. Font styling (italicizing, font sizing, font typeface selection) is not.

  • Create Tags with different colors.
  • Define a People category custom filter using the Ancestor of <person> rule (Noting the Person ID before creating the filter gives you the option to key-in the ID rather than navigate the Select Person dialog.)
  • Use the Add/Remove Tag add-on tool to apply the Tag to the Filtered People

Use the Organize Tags dialog to change the priority order of Tags.

The highest priority Tag’s color with be applied as the Person text color in People list views.

Many of the charts allow color swatches for Tags to show in the Blocks.

Thank you very much @emyoulation!
That was exactly what I wanted

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