Tags not retaining intended colors after sync

Hi; first time trying this forum. I use Gramps 5.1.5 on Linux Fedora Silverblue 36. I use Nextcloud to sync my family databases between my main workstation and my laptop and secondary workstation. I am able to reproduce exactly the same data in my three machines, except for the tabs assigned colors. All three run the same updated versions of Fedora and Gramps. In my main workstation, I use tags to identify certain individuals, with different colors for each tag, in the family tree view. However, when I open the family three view in either my laptop or my secondary workstation, the assigned colors for each tag do not show up. I only see the default blue and rose colors for male and female. The tags are indeed present for each intended individual, but not the assigned colors. Equally strange, in the tag editing window the tags are shown with their assigned colors, both in my laptop and secondary workstation; they simply do not show up in the family tree view. Any ideas what I might me missing? Thanks in advance.

I’m not completely certain which view you mean by “Family tree view”. I’m guessing that you mean the View/Pedigree. If that is the case, look into View/Configure the layout tab and make sure that the “Show tags” is set. These settings are stored in your .gramps/gramps51/Ancestry_pedigreeview.ini file, not with your database.


I am going to assume you are referring to the Pedigree view when you state ‘family tree’ view. If this is not the view please help us with more information, ideally with a link to the wiki page.

As you state that it is only in the view that differs between your machines, you must configure the view on each machine. The customizable settings within Gramps are not stored with the database. Each machine will have its own set of user files that store the settings for each view.

Each view has a configuration icon Gramps-config. If all three machines have the same settings and the problem remains then we will explore other options.

@prculley & @DaveSch: Thanks to both of you. You were right, I was referring to the Pedigree view in the Charts tab of Gramps. In my main workstation (the one working OK), I verified the View/Configure option and “Show tabs” was indeed marked. Just to see how it looks in my main workstation, I unmarked and marked again the “Show tabs” option. Then, I powered up my laptop and, surprise, the colored tags were showing up. “Show tabs” appeared marked as well. I am not sure if this is a result of deselecting and then selecting again the “Show tabs” option in my main machine or not and then allow it to sync. I am out of reach of my secondary workstation but expect similar results. Thanks again to both.
I have another slightly off-topic question. At the bottom of the main window of Gramps in my main workstation, I can see the relationship to me (if any) of the people included in my three (“John Doe (first cousin)”, for example). That info does not show up in the other two computers. Any ideas what I am missing here?
By the way, I wish I could mark both answers as “Solution”, but the system does not allow it.

This setting is on the Preference Display tab

Access Preferences from the Menu >> Edit >> Preferences

OK, thanks again. Glad to finally keep my Gramps trees views in sync.

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