View All Notes for a Person in One Screen in GRAMPS?

This is somewhat similar to another thread (find citations attachment points or reverse lookups of citation references) where the objective is to find all the Citations in a hierarchy of secondary objects spawned off a primary object. So, it meant finding Citations not only for a Person, but also that person’s citations in Relationships and Media (and Notes, Places, Events, et cetera) objects, and those of the tertiary objects… and so forth.

It is just in this case, Gramps would need to list Notes (instead of Citations) found in that hierarchy. Because that hierarchy could be quite deep, it might be helpful to have a sortable column with the degrees of separation from the selected object too.

@Nick-Hall , there have been a number of requests for filtered hierarchies of this ilk. I recall (but cannot find) you mentioning having a primitive experiment that exploded the hierarchy into a (QuickView? Gamplet?) list. But that you wouldn’t have time to think about until after 5.2 was out for awhile. You made an observation in the Citation thread that one idea would be “fairly easy” to code. (Although that “ease” is for people with your skillset.)

Has there been a Feature Request that might be applicable?
Possibly 0012436: “Deep References” gramplet (add optional configuration of existing “References” gramplet)