Vertical Pedigree Chart


Is it possible to generate pedigree charts that grow vertically and not horisontally, similar to a descendant chart? I believe I’m looking to have a vertical pedigree chart on an A4 landscape.

EDIT: Dear Lord, I mean vertical, vertical, vertical. My apologies.

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Windows 10 Home (20H2), Gramps 5.1.4

Are you asking about in a report (for web or print)? The options might be different for each report. As an example, the Relationship Chart sets the orientation with the Graph Direction option in the GraphViz Layout tab.

Or in the Chart view? Generally, the Chart view orientations can be changed via the Configuration. Although the Lifelines charts use a toolbar button.

By the way, my preferred option for a compact overview is the Pedigree gramplet.

I am asking specifically for reports, yes. For print. I am looking to have a pedigree chart set on A4 paper, landscape, that grows upwards and not sideways (within the set dimensions of A4).

See the relationship charts link in the 1st paragraph above. It is to a “How to” article in the wiki.

Let us know if part of your question isn’t covered there. We can improve the wiki based on points brought up in conversation here.

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