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Looking for a decent FH program for Linux Mint. I have used Family Historian on Windows for years and it does run using Play On Linux, but it can not print PDF charts on Linux, so it seems to be ruling itself out.
Gramps seems to be about the best available for Linux and the others look fairly ordinary.
My essential requirement is a Descendant chart with the original ancestor TOP left and each later generation (in individual boxes) in new columns to the right. “Everyone” else puts the original in the centre left which is no good for very large charts.
I have seen an example of (I think) a GRAMPS chart for Henry Tudor which looks a lot like what I need. Is this a standard option for GRAMPS descendant charts?
If so, could you please point me to the GRAMPS instructions for making such a chart (which I have been unable to find by searching). If I can understand the instructions, it might be worth my while installing GRAMPS for a serious trial.
I might add, that some of the documentation I have seen has not been overly clear, so if I do get to using it, I may be back with more questions.
Thanks for your help – and I do apologise if I am the only person in the world who wants this particular chart. I just want at least what I have had up till now.
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Might you be thinking of the quilt chart? That is an add-on that gives an alternative visualization .

You can also use GeneaQuilts with a GEDCOM file from any genealogy tool. It generates on a diagonal orientation.

Or perhaps the Timeline Pedigree view?

Or the Descendant Tree

People tend to have their own tastes in genealogy visualizations. One enhancement proposal discusses a few. Since that evolving proposal is more of a multiple years long discussion, quite a number of the visualizing ideas have already intrigued someone. They created an option for it and looped that back into the proposal.

I think what you are looking for is what Gramps has as the Graph View. It is an “addon” view that also has print option.

There is also the Family Lines Graph which is one of many report options. This can be printed out into various formats.

Does that graph support his requirement to have the progenitor at the upper left? I only see them in the upper center.

I think the Descendant Tree (which you mentioned earlier) fits the bill. I especially like the option that adjusts the page size to fit the output, assuming it will never need to be printed. And I like the ability to customize which details get displayed.

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Thanks to all who replied. Yes I agree that different people require different features, but I don’t apologize for being different. The Descendant Chart is what I was asking about and, having eventually figured out how to get to it and tweak whatever is tweakable, it seems it probably gets about as close as I can expect to what I want. So far I have got it to print a readable 5-generation PDF chart in A4-landscape format (which is not a bad start). Discovering the “fit chart to page width” was a breakthrough. It would be nice to reduce box width to about 75% but I can’t see how to do that, and I also wonder about editing “style” (whatever that is).
I am finding the learning curve is very steep. Gramps would easily be the least intuitive FH program I’ve ever looked at (and I’m comparing it with at least a dozen Windows or MSDOS applications I have used). The Wiki is hard to understand (even when it does not come back asking me to write the explanation myself!), but I guess you get what you pay for and no doubt it eventually gets easier with experience. I don’t mean to be too picky on other users, especially those who have taken the time to help, but I’m explaining why it has taken so long to respond to your replies. Thanks again,

If you need to change more, you can open any graphical reports written to the SVG format in a Vector Based Graphic Editor and tweak anything you like there…
InkScape and draw.io-desktop are free, open source, and there are multiple other software that also can utilize the SVG Graphic Format. (You can even work with SVG in a plain text editor)

Any Graphics that can be written to the .DOT Graphviz format can be edited in a text editor or in multiple graph editor software, graphviz also have a simple editor in the package…

The learning curve for Gramps ARE steep, but you do not find any other Genealogy/FH software products on the marked now that have so many features and can be used with multiple types of database backends…
You do neither find any other FH software that have a fully Open Data export format, Gramps has multiple…

Remember that gedcom is not lossless when it comes to export from one software and import ti another, there will allways be mismatches and loss of some data…

This just in about other report options that may be what you are looking for.


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