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(Please include your Gramps version and Operating System)gramps 5.1.3 win10
I have a large database but only want to update a few records in a narrated website
what is the best way of doing that ?

The narrative web is only used to show your tree. You can’t update objects.

If you want to show only some parts of your tree, create one filter. When you create the narrative web, select this filter.

Wouldn’t the regenerated pages have internal links only to pages with the tighter filter? Pages (like the name index) would only list the filtered people.

It seems like an incremental update would be very complex.

While I wish it were possible, I don’t think it would be feasible.

The primary reason I wish it were feasible is that I have over 19000 media objects in my database and it takes about 15 hours to generate a Narrated Web Site report, with nearly all of the time spent generating media pages. The one thing I do to reduce the upload to my host server is run a diff on the images and thumb directories of a new report with the previous report and only upload the new and modified files.

It probably would be feasible to do the same with text files now that the report includes the date of the last change at the bottom of the page rather than the date the report was generated as it did with earlier versions of gramps, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Allen Crider

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