Todo Report bug?

I am using Gramps 5.1.4 on Kubuntu 20.04
I am French
This Todo Report make a empty liste

Is a bug ?
Thank You

The To Do Report and the To Do Gramplet are not connected

The Gramplet, aggregates all the Notes with the Type “To Do” into the Gramplet for you to peruse.

The Report prints the notes with a particular Tag placed on the note. In a way, the report name is a misnomer. It will print any note with the Tag you select to print.

I use the Tag “Print”. So I select which “To Do” notes I want, tag them “Print” then run the report.

FYI: make sure you clear the tag when you do not need it any more.

Thank you
Indeed I have not been vigilant enough
The two Gramplets work differently
The Gramplet To Do active on the type of Note = To Do
The To Do report active on the notes with a certain Tag that you can choose (not necessarily a To do Tag)
Trap and I got tangled up

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