Template objects

When I am doing data entry, most often I will be adding a stream of new Events always keyed off that Source and often having common element. (e.g., a series of sibling Births in the same hometown, or a series of Residences as of an obit date)

It would be nice to set up a zeroeth ID for each object & have New objects of that type inherit the data. (A Person template could already have birth Events, Parents, sources, etc. The big hitch would be that, in such cases, it would be more useful to clone the secondary objects rather than Share them. So how would you specify Share vs. clone?)

So, I might create an ID “E0” Event that cites the Obituary, has an Event Type of Residence on 3Mar1980 in Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, USA & description of “per John Smith obit in NY Times”. And while E0 exists, all newly created Events start with a CLONE of that Event data.

In a bit of reverse logic, there should be a way to clone an existing object to a Zeroeth object template. (I started with the idea that you could just change the object ID to a Zeroeth form, create a new object & give new object the original objects ID. But that seemed too likely to break back references & Note links.)

The zeroeth object should always float to the top of the View’s List.

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