Time saver for data entry

Win10 with 5.1.6
It would be a time saver for me if I could turn on an option flag to:
When I create a Baptism, Christening or Burial event, that a Birth or Death event be created with Before (date), the same Place and a shared citation.
This would save time creating new records.
Of course you could then edit the records if necessary. This function would not happen if the Birth or Death record already existed.
What do you think?

Yes. That’s one of the things that I like about the Data Entry gramplet… that you can use another Person as a template for creating a new person.

It has some flaws, of course.

The sourcing only clones the Source reference, it doesn’t share a Citation. So you ALWAYS have to tweak the sourcing anyways. But there’s no prompt to do so.

And it would greatly benefit from a having an extra field that is a User Selectable type. It has Birth & Death fields. But my preference for a base person would include a Burial Event. Or, when working from a Obit, I’ll put a obit-dated Residence for living sibs and Death before-obit for pre-deceased ones. All of which share the obit’s citation. (And since obit writers were novice reporter assignments and were guaranteed to be error-packed in my hometown newspaper, that citation would have a Low confidence rating.)

And the experimental CardViews by @cdhorn have drag’n’drop citations on closed Events, I use those views for ‘painting’ sources.

So, I agree that some similar functionality for a defaults template would be nice.

There’s a similar thread:

For many people that I create, I have found a Baptism and Burial record.
I create the person and create the Baptism event with the citation. I usually place a copy of the transcription in a note in the citation. I do the same for the Burial. Then I have to go back and create the Birth and Death records and drag the citations over. This is required because I upload to WikiTree and that system needs these events. I would just like a simple feature to clone the two events to save time.

There are several.threads if you search the forum for the term “Clone”.

It really needs someone to run through all the proposals and rationalize them into a GEPS treatise.

Baptism is one of the Fallback Events for Birth. It is used when no Birth event is entered.

Burial likewise is a Fallback for Death.

Stillbirth has been added as a fallback for both Birth and Death in 5.2

When displayed, a fallback will be in italic and displayed wherever the main event would be used.

The only time I add an approximate birth is when I know the Baptism was not done as an infant.

Agreed, that is why I proposed that this be a feature that can be toggled on/off.
If you upload to WikiTree, you must have the Birth and Death events because that site only has those fields. It just puts all the other events in the Biography section. So it is necessary to create them even if you don’t have actual dates and use the “before” in the field.

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