Create "Birth" event automatically

I’m always advocating for increased productivity through automation, especially where there are a lot of repetitive events. For example, adding a “Birth” event. I will try to prove the necessity that this event should be created automatically, and not manually.

First, if we add a person to the base, it means that this person has already been born, that’s obvious. Even if this were not the case, the automatically created event can always be deleted later.
Besides, “Birth” is the first event in the life of every person. It must have sort=0 and be first in the list even if other events do not have set dates. For this reason, I can no longer use the automatic event sorting, because it turns out that the “Death” event without a date comes before the “Birth” event, which is incorrect. But sorting, this is probably a separate topic, although I will be happy to discuss it here as well.

Second, let’s do some simple calculations. For example, I currently have 4,500 people in my database. If I spend 5 seconds for each person to add an empty birth event, then I will spend 4500*5 = 22500 seconds = 375 minutes = 6.25 hours. Imagine how much time all Gramps users could save if this event were simply created empty when creating a user!
I have no doubt that such a routine automation tool should work in Gramps.
In other programs, this problem does not exist, because there it is not done due to the creation of events, there are empty fields for dates that must be filled in or left empty. Alternatively, Gramps could also create such fields, but I think it would be much easier to automatically add the “Birth” event.

I am also asking if there is a way to automatically add this event to those people who don’t have it yet, I have about 2000 people.

I have read your posts, however I see no point in adding events that have no content. It only takes time when you need to actually create the record.

Are you in such a hurry?
Are you paid to the person added?
Genealogy is not an urgent matter. We have all our time.

Have you tried the data entry addon gramplet?

If you’re looking for increasing efficency when creating people or their basic events, it eliminates lots of pop-up dialog navigation.

Likewise, using the text import (with the tab-separated-values option that @SNoiraud added for 5.2) makes composing mass entries easy with Excel. Export a set of filtered people from the people view. Match names in another list (e.g., people buried in a particular cemetery). Make an excel table of the Person IDs and fill out a burial Events at that place with the appropriate headers. Paste the list into text import.

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