Default values for location of a person's life events?

When entering data for centuries-ago ancestors, in my experience there was very little mobility. Almost all family events are in the same place.
For ex, if someone was born in Smalltown, Cantal, Auvergne, France, and I record his parents. Chances are very high that all events (birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial) for both his parents and for all his siblings also happened in Smalltown. Yet for each event I have to manually select a place, which can be bothersome if the Smalltown is one of the many Saint-Something, for example.
Is there a better way to simplify this operation?
If not, could there be a default value proposed, ?
Is there a way to simplify

Gramps has a clipboard where you can store objects for fast access e.g. places.

This subject make me think sometimes it would be nice to have templates.

I use a lot of attributes and after creating a new one I often store it in Collections Clipboard gramplet. It’s simple with attributes because they aren’t shared between objects they are used with. After dropping it to an object you can change its content without effects on the same attributes already in use in other objects or in the Collections Clipboard.

But the same thing with an pre-entered event, e.g with the place, isn’t possible unless something like templates exist. Any change to this event object would be reflected wherever it is used.

With an event (or citation or…) template stored in the gramplet (the Collections Clipboard gramplet or in a Template gramplet which doesn’t exist), a new event based on this template could be created with all the objects with which it was registered (location, type, attributes, media…) when dropping it to the person editor.


The add-on Data Entry gramplet is exactly about this workflow. It only covers the creation of a Person with their Birth and Death events.

It allows quickly cloning a selected template person into a form. The you can edit the info before committing it to create a relative with a specific relationship (including no relationship at all). It carries overly the name, gender, dated birth/death at a place with the same source. No pop-ups to wade through.

I really don’t like this gramplet. It don’t allow me to use and do what I want. I want Gramps, not Heredis :rofl:

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Thank you all.
The clipboard does answer a lot of my needs for this problem.
I will also look into the data entry gramplet for further automation.
Thanks again!

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