Inheriting a default (templates)

When working on data entry, some information tends to carry through.

You might be working an obituary and working through the residences of surviving relatives and refining death dates of pre-decedant relatives.

But theses events would share a source citation (the obituary), a date (of the funeral), a description, and typically you’d do all the ‘Residence’ (in the same City) Event types, followed by the the Death before <funeral date> events.

So it be nice to have a temp database that is polled as a template for each ‘New’ object. A New would clone that object and ALL its secondary object references. (It would NOT clone the secondaries objects themselves, just SHARE them with the same Roles.) If you delete a template object, Gramps uses the regular blank object template.

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Maybe there could be a ‘cloning’ feature added to the Collections Clipboard add-on?

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Maybe the Clipboard could be leveraged for this? When copying an object to the clipboard, I could have the option of including any secondary objects (maybe by using Shift+Cmd+C instead of Cmd+C). Or there could be some other option I could turn on, which would cause all new objects to get copied to the clipboard, until I turn the option off.


It would be more accessible with the clipboard. But since that is a ‘built-in’, the opportunity to experiment with new features in that only comes once every several years … when an enhancement release of Gramps comes out.

If such a feature was refined with a beta test cycle of the Collections Clipboard, a perfected feature might be rolled into the built-in.

In some ways, the Ref objects in the various Clipboards are almost the opposite of cloning. The ‘Ref’ carries more Share context. (But that implementation seems to be half-done. It has none of the context menu features and you cannot get to the parent object.)

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