Styled Note Markup trimmer gramplet?

The Note Editor has a Clear Markup feature. It clears ALL stylings applied to the selected text in a Note.

But you cannot clear text with multiple stylings without clearing all markup on that text. (I had to boost text size on a few notes to be readable on high-res monitor. Beginning with 5.2, the base font size in Themes began working with notes too. Yay! But now I want to eliminate those no-longer-needed re-sizings without clearing all the other stylings.)

It would be useful to have a Gramplet for the Notes category (only) that lists the stylings in a table with columns for: a checkbox, startswith, styling type, and the 1st 40 chars of text.

The first generation of the addon could just allow sorting on the columns and have a Delete for the selected checkboxes. Selecting a row could navigate the Note Editor focus to the string and select that string. (Which would allow adding another styling from the Note Editor toolbar.)

A future generation could have a ‘paintbrush’ that adds temporary Rows to the table with the Active styling. If the Active styling was “Link”, then you could paint all the Names (or Places or text to be hotlinked) to create a placeholder row for each startswith string, undock the gramplet, change to a Category and drag objects (or paste URLs) to finish the linking.

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