Tab handling in Notes

gramps 5.1.6 on Manjaro Cinnamon.

Does the built in editor handle tabs differently then external editors. The reason I’m asking is I’m creating text templates by census year for pasting in notes and even though I using the same font and tab spacing, they don’t align no matter if I’m pasting in the external program or the internal editor. So anytime I paste into editor I have to edit to align tabs back up.

Tabs column positions are at every 8 spaces. It looks really funky when using Proportional fonts. Choose a monospace font and alignment becomes less confused.

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I’m using the freemono font also. I can cut and Paste between external editors and keep alignment. Pasting into gramps, the alignment if off. I’m beginning to think that notes being set to default Sans is causing the problem because even when I set the font to Freemono before paste, it automatically goes back to Sans and throwing off the alignment when I change it back to Freemono. Trying to find where in Gramps the default font is set to change it to Freemono.

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It looks like the Default font family is taken from the OS list of fallback font families. Wonder how it could be switched to the fallback monospace font families?

I seem to remember reading something several years ago. Is there a handler for fallback of style (serif, sans, monospace)? That handler would select whichever was the 1st matching style fontface that found to exist in the OS’s font families list.

Note: I started from the 5.2 Highlights which lists the addition of Strikethough & Superscript/Subscript to the Note Editor. That PR linked to the changed source code files.

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Is it possible to do this on a mac?

There’s a discussion that includes mention of cross-platform CSS for fallback fonts.
And a like of macOS system fonts on Wikipedia

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