Importing basic html to StyledText


Is there already a function to convert basic html to StyledText?



No, but it would be fairly easy to write one.

Actually if the html is in a note, the Note Cleanup Addon will convert some of the common html elements to StyledText.


Back in 2015, there was a superseded HtmlView addon that created a Web category and view mode. It wasn’t compatible with Windows OS and was not a browser. It used 2 backends (WebKit or Mozilla gtkmozembed)

Perhaps the Note viewing gramplets could be enhanced to render markdown (without the Editing features in order to bypass the WYSIWYG editing complication) when the Note Type is HTML? Or GitHub Markdown if the type is md?

This calls for my mimetype feature request: Mime-types for notes

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Yes. That is certainly another candidate for inclusion in v5.3.

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